Approaches to All Hair Types

Your hair becomes greasy not only because of the sebum produced by your scalp but also by sweat. If you live an active life full of workouts, you may want to wash your hair more often, no matter what texture you have. The same applies to people who live in highly polluted areas or use styling products too much.

If your lifestyle requires you to wash your hair more often but you’d like to find a workaround, you can try organic, sulfate-free dry shampoo between washes.

The Universal Formula

Although you can determine what hair type you have exactly, you may want to find the middle ground. Luckily for you, there’s an average recommendation to wash hair every 2-3 days. But, be ready for a commitment: your hair will need some time to get trained for it. On the other hand, getting deep into details regarding your hair type and scalp will give you the best results.

While you can find out how often you should wash your hair through practice, there’s a strong chance you will experience damage or hair loss. In fact, once you get to know your hair better, you will reveal its real potential, getting the most of your hair type. And today, you’ve learned all the basics of adjusting the washing routine for all hair types. Following our recommendations, you’re going to take your hair to a whole new level!

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