All About Rice Water for Hair: Surprising Benefits & Tips

So How Does Rice Water For Hair Work?

Who would’ve thought that the rice water we get rid of while cooking dinners could turn out to be a wonder-working natural treatment? According to the latest buzz in the beauty industry, this everyday culinary ingredient is full of amazing benefits that can boost hair growth and strength. Moreover, the recently emerged beauty wisdom has spread not only all over the web. More and more popular manufacturers are launching products with rice starch extracts, promising to enhance shine and luster in hair.


In fact, rice water has been used with heath and beauty purposes for years. So how does it work exactly? Today, you’re going to find out why you should start using rice water, how to do it right, and what products to consider.

Everything You Need To Know About Rice Water For Hair

Everything You Need to Know About Rice Water for Hair #ricewater #ricewaterforhair

Why is rice water so special?

The buzz wouldn’t happen for no reason. As it turns out, the milky liquid left from the soaking rice is rich in vitamin E, B vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals that are beneficial for hair. If used regularly, such an organic beauty complex will promote shinier, smoother, and stronger hair. Some experts claim that most world-wide manufacturers are no strangers to the fantastic hair benefits of rice water, so they’ve been using it as a secret ingredient of their best-sellers.

How did we come to using rice water for hair?

Have you ever heard of the ‘world’s longest hair village’? The history of using rice water starts from a Chinese ethnic group of women living in a village called Huangluo, also known as the land of Rapunzels. Even in their 70’s ladies have thick knee-long manes full of shine and luster. In the past few years, the secret shampoo recipe has been revealed – it’s based on rice water.

The traditional method of rice water rinse for hair had been spreading by word of mouth before it came to the web. And now, when all the benefits of using rice water for hair growth are on a silver platter, it’s easier to go natural than ever.

Plain rice water vs. fermented rice water – which works best?

While at first sight there’s nothing complicated about making rice water, it has several variations, among which plain rice water and fermented rice water for hair are the most well-known ones. Let’s have a look at them both.

The pH of plain rice water is higher than the human hair’s pH. During fermentation, the pH levels of the rice water are brought down to suit the pH of the hair, thus closing the cuticles and protecting the hair. Since it’s acidic, it restores your pH level.

Also, fermenting rice enhances natural nutrients and vitamins in rice water. Apart from encouraging hair growth, it can improve the condition of your locks.

On top of that, fermentation of rice water releases a substance called ‘pitera’. It’s rich in essential vitamins and acids, so it can promote cell regeneration for your skin and hair.

Is there any research confirming rice water benefits?

Although there wasn’t a scientific trial indicating the effectiveness of rice oil, experts claim that the components contained in it can drastically improve the hair shaft and its condition. The vitamins and fatty acids found in rice water are good for making hair soft, providing thermal protection, and improving split ends.

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